The premier class of walking excavators.

All Menzi Muck walking excavators owe their ingenious high-tech chassis and patented excavator arm their special capabilities and application possibilities in the construction industry, specialist civil engineering, forestry, gardening & landscaping, municipal technology, drilling technology, etc. A Menzi Muck can adapt to any terrain, guaranteeing mobility and stability and giving the user maximum safety.

Compared to a conventional excavator of the same weight class, significantly greater lifting and ripping forces as well as considerably higher hydraulic power for attachments are provided. Our slogan is: Where others stop, we just start!


Menzi Muck M5x

down to 13.5 tonnes
Schreitbagger Menzi Muck M4x

Menzi Muck M4x

down to 10.6 tonnes
Schreitbagger Menzi Muck M2

Menzi Muck M2

down to 7.1 tonnes